About Tucker Farms LLC

Established by owners Nichol and Benton Tucker in 2012, Tucker Farms LLC is rooted in a commitment to quality and service. Nestled in the picturesque Overton County, TN, this family-owned and operated business has grown from a 43-acre project into a trusted provider of land clearing and excavation services. With a mission to blend tradition, expertise, and community values, Tucker Farms is dedicated to transforming landscapes and building a better future for farms, businesses, and residences in the Upper Cumberland region and beyond.

Tucker Farms was developed on the principles of quality and service to our clients. Tucker Farms owner, Nichol Tucker, moved to Overton County, TN with her husband, Benton Tucker, in December 2012. The couple immediately started their project of transforming their newly acquired 43 acre farm into what they had envisioned. Along the way they realized that they could not handle every task of the project, so they outsourced many of their tasks.

As the outsourcing began, they recognized a need in the community for more quality service providers that guaranteed quality and availability to farms, businesses, and residences that may or may not have a long list of tasks to attract the preferred larger service providers. At Tucker Farms, we pride our reputation on giving large scale quality to the small task quantity client, but remaining confident and compliant to complete the large tasks as well.

Our Mission

At Tucker Farms LLC, our mission is to be Upper Cumberland’s premier land clearing and excavation partner. We’re dedicated to delivering top-quality service to our clients, embodying the values of hard work and family tradition that define our region. From transforming homesteads to supporting local businesses, our commitment to excellence drives us to build a better future for the Upper Cumberland community, one project at a time. Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow through our unwavering dedication to quality, service, and our beloved Tennessee landscape.

Our Service Area

We provide expert land clearing and excavation services to the following Upper Cumberland areas.

  • McMinnville
  • Smithville
  • Cookeville
  • Watertown
  • Morrison
  • Dunlap
  • Baxter
  • Crossville
  • Livingston
  • Celina
  • Gainsboro
  • Monterey
  • Sparta
  • Spencer
  • Silverpoint
  • Jamestown
  • Gainsboro
  • Monterey
  • Sparta
  • Spencer
  • Manchester
  • Viola
  • Woodbury
  • and more!

"They have performed numerous jobs for us and our clients clearing vacant lots, mulching tress, removing stumps etc. Great job start to finish. Real honest Christians too. 💪❤️"

Catherine Brown Cates

"Tucker Farms installed a septic tank and underground electric and water line. Done exceptional work with strict attention to detail. Could not be happier with the quality of work they provided. They have have the equipment to handle any job and excellent communication from beginning to end."

Jesse Philpot

"They did some clearing for us and l was completely satisfied with the results. I would recommend them to anyone,they did an awesome job, and they are super nice people. Thanks guys !!!"

Lori Maynard

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